Sync and backup built in

Having multiple devices has made the engineering effort around data persistence and sync more complex. We have to concern ourselves about how data obtained for one device is made available and useful to others, without losing history. Irmin is a new kind of library database, based on the principles of Git (the version control system), meaning that all history can be kept and moved between devices with ease.

Many third-party services have arisen to tackle the specific issue of how our content remains synchronised across our devices. Yet most of them rely on the premise of having one canonical location from which all other devices take their cues. This is invariably somewhere up in the cloud and is subject to the whims of the providers. Developers have had good distributed solutions that don’t rely on one authority but why have such approaches not made it into more mainstream products?

Irmin is a library database that takes the principles behind tools like Git and applies them to the wider problem of storing and syncing our data. This allows the possibility for all software using the Irmin layer to remain in sync as changes can be pushed directly from one location to another. It also allows the possibility of reverting to previous versions of any content as all history is also preserved.

Image credit: Tree of digital life by Adoomer