We’re heading to FOSDEM in a few days! If you haven’t heard of FOSDEM before, it’s a two-day, volunteer-organised event to promote open source software. It takes place in Brussels and there will be over 500 talks, across 44 tracks attended by around 5000 people. The numbers alone don’t capture the scale of the event so click though the image below for a view of the schedule – and that’s just for the Saturday. Did I mention this is all run by volunteers?

FOSDEM on Saturday

We’ll be meeting a bunch of like-minded people in the various sessions and talking more about how the Nymote stack is progressing, especially as Mirage is gaining momentum after the 1.0 release. Anil and Mort will be giving a talk about Mirage on Sunday at 1pm (details) and also giving demos at the Xen Booth from 2:30pm-4:30pm (in Building K on the 1st floor). Since deployment to embedded systems is also important, we’re interested in open source efforts on ARM devices like the Allwinner SoC community – especially since Anil has been hacking on Xen/ARM on a cubieboard. There are a number of other Xen-related talks and you can find out more from the Xen blog.

Given the use-cases for Nymote, there are some obvious places you can expect to find us. On Saturday there’s the Mail track, where we’ll be discussing existing tools and catching up up with the Mailpile guys, who we last met at IndieWebCamp. On the Sunday, there’s the Internet of Things dev-room, where we’ll bring up the upcoming problems we see regarding centralised IoT services and how Nymote will change this. In addition, a colleague from the lab, Jon Anderson, is speaking about security and the Capscium project, which is relevant for sandboxing security (details).

We’ll be writing up our experiences shortly after we return and in the meantime, the real issue will be deciding which sessions to go to. If you’re in Brussels for that weekend do get in touch with us! We love to meet people working towards the same goals.