For some time now, I’ve been collecting links to news articles, products and discussions relating to the Internet of Things, Personal Clouds, data privacy/ownership and products. This is a rapidly growing list and there are nearly 200 bookmarks already. Trying to sift through them to find something specific is getting difficult and it must be even more difficult for anyone else trying to browse the collection.

Organising a collection of bookmarks

After looking around and asking people about social bookmarking sites, I was pointed to Pinboard (thanks, Ulrich!). This is a simple and efficient site that helps you to gather links, tag and comment on them and, in my case, make them publicly accessible. A few days ago I imported all my Nymote bookmarks into Pinboard and have been testing it out since then.
I’ve been extremely happy with how it works and it’s dramatically improved the workflow for getting the links onto this site.

The bookmarklet I added to my browser makes it simple to add new links with descriptions and the ability to add links by email has been extremely useful when browsing from my phone. Pinboard also has the ability to generate RSS feeds so I’ve been able to take that feed from Pinboard and completely reorganise the Nymote links page. It now presents a reverse chronological list of all the links so far, together with brief summaries of the content. In order to filter and browse the tags, you’ll need to visit my Pinboard page and I’ll be going back over the older links to add more descriptions. To stay completely up to date with the things I find online, you can even subscribe to my nymote-links feed directly. If you come across something you’d like me to add, please do send me an email!

### Subscribe to the blog via news feeds

In addition to the above changes, I’ve also added links on the website to enable people to subscribe to the blog using feed readers. A news feed was always available if you knew the URL (or found it in the source code of the site) but there are now more prominent subscribe links on the blog pages. Along with the mailing list, this gives people even more options to keep up with news about Nymote.