This year has been an interesting one for proponents of decentralisation, privacy and open protocols. We’ve had revelations about mass-surveillance by Governments, a number of open source projects, who want to put the user back in control (Mailpile, arkOS, Dark Mail Alliance and many others), as well as efforts to bring more of these projects to light (e.g. redecentralize). We also have a number of exciting new research initiatives to work on the technology problems of decentralisation (e.g User Centric Networking). Overall, 2014 promises to be an exciting year of new software releases and increasing momentum for such projects.

From our point of view we’ll be having some imminent software releases, which will make significant advances to safely hosting your own content in a manner that is secure, economical and scalable. This will be the beginning of the move to a personal cloud and we’ll start by moving our personal websites (as well as this one) onto a self-hosting platform. This platform will be something to build on and experiment with over the rest of the year, replacing parts of the third-party infrastructure we use today. In the meantime, we wish you a great holiday season and look forward to the New Year!